Deciding on the right crop insurance for you business can be difficult.  To understand your choices and the differences between them takes experience.  At Dakota Crop Insurance, we stay up-to-date with current trends, technology and issues that affect our customers' business, so we can provide you with the best options that fit you and your needs.



Coverage's we offer:


Yield Protection - YP covers unavoidable production losses that can be caused by natural causes such as: hail, drought, heat, excessive moisture, wind, tornados, lightening, floods, ect.  Your insurance yield is based on your Actual Production History (APH) which is the average yield obtained from the farmer's unit for four to ten consecutive crop years.   We determine your yield by multiplying your proven yield times the level of coverage you choose, and we provide levels of coverage ranging from CAT-85%.


Revenue Protection **Most Popular** -  RP guarantees a set level of revenue rather than just production.  RP provides coverage against production loss, price decline, and price increase OR a combination of these.  RP is calculated by multiplying your proven yield by your level of coverage by the price per bushel equaling your guaranteed dollars per acre.  A projected price is determined during February by using the monthly average new-crop futures prices for corn (December futures contract) or soybeans (November futures contract).


Hail Protection - Hail protection covers damage that has been done by hail, fire, or lightening. 

Yield Exclusion - This option excludes low yields when the per acre yield is at least 50% below the simple average for the crop for the previous 10 years.  The assigned years in most counties are 2002, 2006, and 2012.  A signed application will be needed to add this option to your policy by sales closing.  Your GPS Mapping binder has your APH's with YE for you to see how it effects your yields.  


Enterprise Plus - Click HERE to learn more about the New Enterprise Plus option we offer.