Dakota Crop Insurance is a locally owned business of 24 years located in Alexandria, SD.  The family friendly team consists of Scott, Mary, Kathryn, and Rebecca Tilberg from Ethan, SD.  Our mission at Dakota Crop is to Map Every Acre We Insure to guarantee the best crop income.


Scott Tilberg is the founder and one of the agents at Dakota Crop, and has been in the crop insurance business for over 20 years.  Scott also farms 650 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat on the side.


Mary Tilberg is the co-owner of Dakota Crop, and has been in the crop business for over 25 years.  Her long history and experience in crop insurance has given her the understanding and knowledge of the concerns farmers face each year.


Kathryn Tilberg   -   Office Manager


Rebecca Tilberg   -   Office Associate


Dave Jarding - GPS Mapper